Meet Pam Giacometti

20s, Zürich, Switzerland


Well, I was born in Mexico City, raised in Utah and have been living in the Switzerland for almost 10 years now.
My life's motto: As within so without. Life is what we make it. We can all achieve great things with our heart, a resilient mind, dedication and FUN. Life should always be fun. 

I am currently a contractor working for one of the biggest banks in Switzerland on the corporate side of things. My passion and goal however, is growing my personal business projects. My husband and I are currently selling a probiotic lemonade made with water kefir ( in a Bio shop in Zürich. I am also building up an online shop where I will sell curated second hand clothes with a business partner (

My days are spent working, enjoying life with my husband and friends, reading and traveling.
Each day is pretty active as my personality requires me to be more outside than inside.
Sitting in cafes with my laptop, a notebook or a book is my absolute favourite thing to do. I am very much a list maker. I've been making lists for the last 5 years of everything I want to accomplish. It's quite effective for me; it's how I check in with myself to make sure I'm on the right path. 


My morning routine usually goes as follows:

  • 7:00am: Wake up
  • I turn my phone off pilot to see if I get any important text messages from family/friends but I don't check my phone. I have all notifications turned off for social media and emails from the main notification centre. I can only see social media notifications when I go into the app itself and emails I see once I unlock my phone. 
  • 7:00am-7:30am: Sit on the edge of my couch thinking of the day ahead of me while the tea kettle heats up. I drink warm lemon water every morning, turn on some folk or classical music and begin 10 minutes of stretches. I always do one minute of plank exercises.
  • 7:30-8:20am: Complete any personal project admin tasks, look for something to wear, get dressed and sometimes eat breakfast or prepare my breakfast to go
  • 8:20am: Run out the door to catch public transport for work

My commute to work is only 20 minutes that goes by really fast but I always try to do a bit of reading. I am currently reading "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari and "High Performance Habits" by Brendon Burchard. 

Side note: I am still working on making my mornings more efficient as I loose a lot of time thinking... and looking for an outfit.


I usually get home from work between 6pm - 7pm. I try to finish eating dinner before 8pm to give my body enough time to digest before I go to sleep. My husband and I usually hang out and talk about our days until around 8:30pm - 9pm. Afterwards, I begin catching up on my to do list for my personal business/projects. 

I don't have a specific bedtime but it's usually between 11:30pm - 1:00am ( I try to avoid the latter time but it doesn't always work out) I also don't have a set nighttime routine but things usually go as follows:

  • At 10pm we always turn off the lights. We light candles and turn on our Philipps color lamp set to red. Red light supports the release of melatonin. (Turning off the lights is non-negotiable; we always do it)
  • Between 10:00pm-10:30pm I turn my phone on pilot so I don't get any more messages and I avoid going online
  • Make a To Do list for the next day
  • I shower at nights as I don't have enough time in the mornings
  • Skincare routine is very basic: take make up off (currently using Clinique's "take the day off" balm), wash face with green tea soap, apply homemade toner made with green and chamomile tea and apple cider vinegar. I moisturise with my homemade face cream made of shea butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and a bit of coconut oil. It's been two months since I changed to homemade products and I've absolutely loved the results.  I used to use the skin care line from Aesop which is also very good and recommendable 
  • Sometimes I pick my outfit for the next day but most of the time I don't - I always choose my outfits based on my mood in the morning
  • Last minute stretches to calm down (not always, but often)
  • Once in bed I do inversions which means I put my feet up against the wall (it helps calm the body down)
  • For over a year, my husband and I have been sharing the things we are grateful from our day; we call this gratitude time
  • Sleep


I don't have a set workout routine or use any apps but I do make sure to do the following:

  • Take the stairs 90% of the time 
  • Walk as much as I can (go for walks during lunch, get out earlier on public transport, purposely take the long way to places) - I also love walking through the city. It inspires me so much. 
  • Go for a run or do a cardio workout once a week
  • Stretch every morning / do yoga
  • Hold the plank for one minute each day


Food is fuel for the body and I have taken on the approach to eat as natural as possible. No processed foods. Always looks at the ingredient list and make sure it's actual real food. A few years ago I replaced the habit of looking at the numbers and started looking at the ingredients. (Who cares if something is only 100 calories when they are completely empty!)



I am so inspired by watching old movies from the 40's, 50's and 60's. I admire the female elegance from that era. I am also inspired through my travels to always take care of my mind and body. The person who is currently inspiring me the most in lifestyle and fashion is Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert - she is one of a kind. I also take inspiration from people on the streets and window shops of certain boutiques. Instagram is also a place of inspiration for sure. 


You can find out more about me at and on Instagram.

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