Meet Leorah M.

20s, Colorado

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What do we need to know about you?

I'm a lab technician in a biology lab at a university. I love to read and travel

Morning Routine

I get up between 6am and 6:30am. I get up and feed the cat immediately, then I start packing my lunch for the day and make water for tea. I make tea in a travel mug and put it in the cup holder part of my lunch box. I have a bite breakfast, hopefully with some protein like toast and peanut butter or granola-type cereal. If my partner is moving at a good pace we sit together for breakfast. I feed the fish every other day. I brush my teeth, say goodbye to the cat and the boyfriend and make my 40 minute commute to work, then a few more minutes on a local bus. I read The Skimm  at my desk and check my email and then start my day!

Nightly Routine

We take turns making dinner, but if it's my night the crock pot is sitting patiently and smelling fantastic when I walk in. I feed the cat dinner and open any mail that I picked up on my way in. We usually watch TV or movies or do any chores we need to do, and then I get ready for bed. Brush teeth (with my Quip toothbrush), floss, mouthwash. Use spot treatment and night cream, say goodnight (the boyfriend stays up later than I do) and tuck myself in! The cat and I play "bed-mice" before I go to sleep and he goes back to hang out with the boyfriend until he comes to bed, then he cuddles in with us for the night.

Fitness Routine

I am just switching from a morning elliptical workout to an after-work barre class. The workout then dictates the shower time of day. I workout M-F and take weekends off, unless we go hiking or something. I use the My Fitness Pal app to track food, exercise and weight, but I'm not very good at using it regularly.

Any other daily routines we should know about?

Weekends are my chore routines. I vacuum, take out the recycle, clean the kitchen, change the pillowcases and do laundry on wither Saturday afternoon or Sunday, depending other weekend plans. My best friend and I always say we need to keep to an every-two-weeks schedule of seeing each other, but we rarely manage that often. If I've got a good book and no other plans I spend Saturdays reading.

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When it comes to eating...

Depends on the week. I love the idea of being a clean, mindful eater. But I am addicted to sugar and my partner keeps junk food in the house.

Where do you draw inspiration?

Magazines (Cosmopolitan) and Instagram.

Where can we find you online?

On Instagram @leorahm


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