Meet Kt

60s, Florida

What do we need to know about you?

I'm a mathematician who helps people figure things out.

Morning Routine

I wake up around 5am then it's 10 minutes of oil pulling with coconut oil and tea tree oil followed by a 10 minute meditation. The I do 12 minutes of rebounding along with 20 minutes of yoga. For breakfast, I have a fruit smoothie. Then I shower (with Shea Moisture products), get dressed, and go to work.

Nightly Routine

At night, I teach a class and then I work on my online business. After that I take a walk. Before bed I rinse my mouth with salt and peppermint oil and brush my teeth.

Fitness Routine

I do a variety of fitness routines that include: Yoga, Rebounding, Walking, Cardio, and Qi Chong.

Any other daily routines we should know about?

My cleaning routine involves a hired housekeeper (love her!) and Roomba. Everyday I write a thank you note to someone. I also read 15 minutes a day.

When it comes to eating...

I'm a vegan and Celiac.

Where do you draw inspiration?

I draw inspiration from a medical medium.




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