Meet Debbie Wright

50s, Longmeadow, MA

What do we need to know about you?

I love life! I am the mother of 15 year old twins and married to my best friend, celebrating 20 years this year. My mantra this year is to approach each day with a little more mindfulness. I have learned that each day offers each of you a million, mini miracles that help lead you to great happiness and fulfillment. It's so important to stay connected to moments so that they don't pass you by. Allowing and trusting your life to unfold in the direction of your dreams really happens and it is so powerful to fall into the flow of that momentum. It's there waiting for you!!!

Morning Routine

My day begins at 6:00 when I enjoy my morning coffee by myself, thanking God for a peaceful night's rest and for protecting my family. This helps me to start each day from a place of heartfelt gratitude and awareness. Next, it's time to wake the kids and begin getting ready for the day. I start checking email around 6:30 and everyone is off and running around 7:30. Three to four times a week I head to 8 am CrossFit class to get my body moving for the day. 10 am is typically my first meeting and I am back home around 5 or 6. My days are always a bit different and I LOVE it. The days I spend at QVC are absolutely amazing and I soak it all in: the airing, the people, the process, the meetings. It is an amazing way to connect with so many people across the country. Other days, I tape local segments, write articles and meet with clients.

Nightly Routine

My nightly routine, after dinner means sitting with the family while we watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. This routine cracks me up because my husband and I both remember our families having the same routine! I am absolutely amazed at how many questions my son gets correct on Jeopardy, me on the other hand not so much :-) I usually wrap up emails while we are all together in the living room and head up to bed around 10 pm to prep for a night of restoration. I have begun to appreciate the importance of a healthy nighttime beauty regimen in order to have the best skin of your life. I use Philosophy cleanser, Purity and the Clarisonic to cleanse my skin then I apply my retinol (Peter Thomas Roth, QVC) and my other anti aging serums. I am using TULA right now, which is a probiotic based skin care system. Three to four times a week, I have also fallen in love with the results from the Osmotics, beauty tool for tightening (Soft Surroundings) and once I week I shave my face (SO IMPORTANT FOR EXFOLIATION) and to get rid of any fuzz on the lip or jawline. (it happens ladies and that fuzz needs to go)

Fitness Routine

I use the Microsoft Band to track my steps and workouts but I am going to start using the HELO, Health Band which tracks so many more healthy factors. I enjoy my CrossFit classes but also incorporate using some fitness apps and some occasional Barre classes to mix it up. I always try to work out with a friend too, its more fun and its good time together.

When it comes to eating...

Nothing specific - just try to eat clean

Where do you draw inspiration?

I listen to HayHouse Radio as often as I can for inspiration. I also have learned from many of the best beauty and fashion experts on QVC and continue to grow my knowledge speaking with the doctors and designers creating the products and brands. I still peruse many fashion magazines and attend shows to stay ahead of the fashion trends.

Where can we find you?

You can find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, and finding out more about my personal styling services at Project Closet.

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