I've always found that when I have a steady daily routine, I get into a good groove. I feel more productive and on top of things.

I've also realized that my daily routine is never going to be perfect. It requires constant refining and flexibility depending on the time of year, what's going on professionally, and other factors outside my control.

In my quest to optimize my daily routine, I'm constantly looking for inspiration from my friends and learning from tweaks to their daily routines and discoveries they've made to enhance and improve how they live everyday. I also love learning about their daily rituals that help them find their center, keep them looking and feeling young, and give them an extra boost when they need it.

It is my hope that women from across the country and beyond will share their daily routines here on Her Routine. Every woman is different, but I think that no matter what age, stage, background, or profession, we all share the desire to improve our wellbeing and quality of life and because of this, we can learn from our differences. I will also share inspiration, resources, and ideas that women can try, incorporating them into their daily routines as they see fit.



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