Muse Still Going Strong After 20 Years

20 years after the debut of their first album, Muse is still going strong. In fact, they recently released an album 3 years ago entitled “Drone.” Most bands would fold after 5 years but they’ve stuck with each other through hard times. Look what it got them, a movie featuring never before seen footage. Their movie was shot at various locations and contains fans screaming their lungs out for this dedicated band. It’s no secret they’ll reveal hard work and determination as to the formula for lasting over 2 decades.

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They love making music and their fans are a big inspiration to them.

Believe it or not, they even used drones to capture some magnificent footage for the camera. Yes, the scenes were from their epic world tour where they went to several countries across the continent. They even perform the complete¬†Jav HD Discount version of some of the best songs in the album. The reaction of the sold-out crowd attending their concerts is priceless. They sure made a lot of fans happy just by showing up. The movie is certainly for fans who don’t have the patients to fall in line for their gigs. Throughout the years, they made a lot of new believers because of their hard-nosed lyrics and addicting beat.


Rick Rubin once thought they were the next Beatles, a band that lasted long and made several chart-topping hits. Of course, most of their fans thought they were even better than the legendary band. That would definitely depend on what the fans want. Besides, each fan likes a certain type of genre. One can like heavy metal while another can like hip-hop. Hence, a chart-topping song may not be endearing to others. Matt Belamy is the type of front man who wants a lot of attention. His witty lyrics revealed on shows how creative he is. He definitely didn’t come up with the lyrics overnight. One of their singles, “Thought Contagion” reveals their thoughts about the fake news going around the Internet. Of course, some of those fake news are from websites that are desperate for traffic.


It’s not easy to debut singles at the top of Billboard charts but they’ve managed to do it because of their experience in the industry.

After all, being long in any industry would pay dividends all the time. However, each band’s success would always have obstacles in the way. For example, their first album, “Showbiz, Muse” wasn’t exactly a success. They didn’t let that discourage them from continuing to make music though.

It wasn’t long before they launched another album, “Origin of Symmetry” which was much better. Two years, later they launched another two albums and the rest, as they say, is history. It’s safe to say they’re on the same level as Coldplay and Radiohead. It only helped matters that their lyrics are full of conspiracy theories. Certainly, a lot of people were curious as to what those theories were all about. Their music videos via were great too. Seriously, there’s nothing to dislike about Muse. It would be to the surprise of nobody if they’ll still be around for another ten years.